All of the following cases were completed by Dr. Fioritto.

Case #1:

A root fracture led to loss of the buccal plate around #18.  Extraction, degranulation and bone grafting were performed to allow for future implant placement.


Two weeks post-op (suture removal):

Four weeks post-op (membrane removal):

Three months post-op prior to implant placement:

Xrays and photos after implant placement and final restoration:



Case #2:

Root fracture of #4 led to loss of the buccal and palatal plates.  Extraction, degranulation and bone grafting with a titanium reinforced membrane were completed to augment the deficient ridge.



Two weeks post-op (suture removal):

Four months post-op prior to implant placement:



Case #3:

Severe bone atrophy of the edentulous segment from #5-10 required significant bone grafting.  Block grafting was completed through a remote incision to allow for proper implant positioning.



Five months post-op and ready for implant placement:


Final restoration in place:



Case #4:

Sinus grafting is often needed when replacing maxillary posterior teeth with implants.  When the case allows, it is less traumatic to the patient to perform an indirect sinus lift ("bump") with simultaneous implant placement.  In this case, there was 4mm of bone to the sinus floor.


Two years after completion:



Case #5:

When a large area of the sinus needs grafting, a lateral wall sinus lift is needed.  In this case, a failed fixed partial denture was replaced with two implants.

#13 site pre and post-op:


#14 site pre and post-op:


At completion:

Two years post completion: