Stephanie B. (Extractions and Implant Placement)

  • I had the best experience ever at a dental office at the new Concord office.  I received great service, staff was very kind and professional.  I had a few teeth pulled and an implant placed yesterday and I feel amazing.  I have had much worse pain after a filling elsewhere.  I would recommend Dr. Mike to everyone.


Stephen S. (Facial Trauma Repaired with Implant)

  • Cannot express enough gratitude to Dr. Mike and the entire staff for providing expert care and concern during my medical emergency.  Your staff was very accommodating in my crisis situation.  After falling head first onto the pavement, I damaged my front teeth and had a cut on the lip area which Dr. Mike stitched up.  He saved me a trip to the ER.  He calmly worked on the front teeth to stabilize the situation so I can heal the traumatized area.  Your office was better than any ER room.  Accidents happen and fortunately Dr. Mike and staff were there for me at a moments notice.  Thanks!!!


Judy P. (Full Arch Implant Bridge)

  • I was amazed at the kindness and compassion that I received from all of the staff.  Dr. Mike sat with me and explained, and he held my hand through the process.


Paul F. (Same Day Extraction and Implant Placement)

  • This was the easiest dental procedure I've ever had.


Patricia R. (Implant Bridge)

  • Thank you for everything you did for me.  My teeth are just great and look good.